Raise your hand if you been to a photographer and had your pictures taken? I know, I can’t see if you raised your hand or not, but I do know that we have all attempted to have the perfect family picture. We used a friend to take the picture or we were referred to someone, etc. Now, think about your picture, all the beautiful people in it, how long you planned for it, shopped for the perfect outfit, made sure the kids napped at just the right time and had a little snack to keep them happy.

Now it’s picture day. You have been preparing for it, so excited about the outcome and the gift you will have at the end of the day. As a mother or a father who values the memories in a photograph, you take it to heart. It becomes a part of that place in your heart where you will cherish that day forever. You will look back fondly on the pictures of your engagement, your wedding,  being pregnant, that first week the baby is home, when he or she turns one, when they are graduating from kindergarten, then high school, then God willing, you will get to see them married with their own children. Believe it or not, all of these things form pictures in our minds that we wish to hold on to.

All these characteristics are what I know to be true values of Julizza Holub. When we plan for these moments in our family’s life, she plans them with us. When things go wrong on picture day, she picks up the pieces and makes it into something spectacular. When we are celebrating our children’s 1st everything (baby home, baptism, being pregnant, falling in love with my husband all over again)….she captures it with all the love she has behind that camera. You see, what is important to you IS important to her. She shares in your joy, your sadness, your ups and your downs. She shares in your stories; she prays for your happiness, and uses her God-given gift of photography to capture that joy for eternity.

You get them in the mail and you realize that what she gave you was not just a photo or a session. What she does, you cannot put a price on.

We love Julizza as part of our family, and we can only hope that she will continue to bless us with beautiful memories with our children, their accomplishments, their weddings and eventually our very own grandchildren. God bless her.

The McDaniels
(Colby, Macy, Cullen & Fiona’)
Tomball, TX


When we brought our adopted daughter home from Ethiopia, we felt like we needed a special photographer to help commemorate the unbelievable pride and joy we were experiencing.  Because we were in the midst of such an extraordinary time in our family’s history, we really wanted a photographer to capture at least a small glimpse of what we were feeling, which I thought could be impossible.  Our family was not hoping for just another nice family portrait to keep in a frame, but rather a unique treasure—a photograph that told our story and reached into the center of our hearts.

Julizza met with our family before our session to listen and hear more about our journey of becoming a family of five.  She incorporated our ideas and asked just the right questions to help us have a warm, calm experience.  We felt so blessed to find a photographer who cared about capturing the story we were living right at that moment.  Any client of Capturing Creations will quickly learn that Julizza will invest in your family and in what matters to you.  As a Christian photographer, she knows that her creator cherishes His people, and just like her creator, she finds beauty in the life stories that are being written in her clients.  Through her photos, she desires to celebrate the diversity and uniqueness of God’s people.  Her passion is to love God and to pour into others through her gift of photography.

I love being surrounded by our portraits.  They are a continual reminder of God’s faithfulness in guiding and equipping us through every step of our adoption journey.  God has written such a beautiful story in our lives, and we are thankful to have images that remind us of God’s everlasting presence.  Our first family picture including our Amara hangs above my mantle and makes me smile every day.  Julizza has truly given our family such a great gift.  After working with a photographer who is passionate about bringing stories to life, I know this is what I continually desire in my photographs in the future.

Wherever you are in your story, it has tremendous value to God and to Julizza. Whether your journey brings you to a life milestone or just a simple day at the park, she will use her passion for story to help create a photograph that mirrors the very things that are important to you.  For us, she helped us frame a little girl who came all across the world to join our family. I’m confident God can help her frame your story as well.  We are so grateful for Julizza, her faith, and her willingness to share her gifts with us.

~Ashley & Matt Atnip
Spring, TX

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