“I’ve never worn a dress before…” Giving Gown Boutique Day

“I’ve never worn a dress before…”

She said it under her breath, so I barely heard her. She looked down at herself, in utter surprise that she was liking it. Then she looked up to the mirror, touched the skirt of the dress, took in the compliments her friends and I were giving her, wrapped her arm around the front part of her waist, and did a half twist to look at the back in the mirror. She looked at the stranger in the mirror staring back at her and she smiled.
“This is the first time I’ve ever worn a dress,” she told me.
“The first time you’ve worn a dress?! You look BEAUTIFUL!” I exclaimed. She really did. She was glowing. I was so happy for her.
“Everyone is so helpful and happy here. I feel pretty.”


The Giving Gown Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 community service organization. We collect donations of new and like-new formal gowns and accessories and provide them FREE of charge to high school girls who would otherwise be unable to attend their formal events.

We are dedicated to promoting confidence and self-esteem to high school girls and strive to help them attend their formal events in style, regardless of their financial circumstances. On Boutique Day, we surround young ladies in the Houston area with positive role models and show them grace and love just for being them – no strings attached. We welcome girls from all walks of life and celebrate girls as they learn about what defines true beauty.

While the girls may be focused on their dress, we are focused on them. Our mission is for each girl to be treated with respect, grace and love. Every young woman deserves the opportunity to realize positive experiences regardless of their financial or family circumstances.


I am so happy to be part of a wonderful organization such as this. Please come by and volunteer for set up or tear-down, to be a fairy godmother, register your daughters, or suggest the program to a friend. I will be helping with the self-esteem portion of the program again this year and I’m excited about the possibilities to infuse these girls with confidence and love for who they are!

Giving Gown Boutique Day is April 7th-9th

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