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On Location: Artistic – $400
Two clothing changes + Artist Project shoot
Studio and Outdoor locations
Black & White Photojournalist (second camera shooter)
$2000 minimum product purchase required

On Location – $300
Up to three clothing changes
Outdoor location

Classic – $250
Two clothing changes
Studio only

Senior year! It’s your turn! You’ve been waiting for this moment, seemingly your WHOLE life, and now it’s finally here. Senior pictures are the icing on the cake of an amazing final year of high school I’m excited to be the one to capture this time in your life that you and your parents will treasure forever! This experience is all about you, the Senior, and we will showcase you and your interests and style in your shoot.

Classic sessions produce timeless photographs for the Senior who likes to keep things simple. We will do two clothing changes and backdrop switches to give you complimentary photos for your wall, album, and announcements.

On location senior sessions take advantage of nature and surroundings to produce a look consistent with your style. We will meet in your home prior to your shoot and discuss the details. I will hop in your closet and pick out something or you can show me what you would like to wear. I will guide you all the way through! We will discuss your style and shoot at a location of my choosing or one you suggest.

On Location: Artistic sessions are 100% completely creative. This session is a playground for seniors who want unique, one-of-a-kind images, and are not afraid to relinquish control to the artist. Nothing is for sure as art is part creation, in-the moment vision, sometimes luck, and only mostly planned. After getting to know you and your style, I will pick a location and setting that makes sense to me. After a couple of outfit choices, you will let the reigns go! You will allow the Photographer artist to choose other elements such as color theme, dress and wardrobe (no set amount of changes), makeup artist directions, props, and overall feel of the image. 100% of the time, the photographer artist will shoot for one vision and end up getting an incredible array of supporting images. For the effort involved, there is a $2000 minimum product purchase required (separate and in addition to the session fee). Believe me, you’ll want a canvas or metal print for your wall! That’s not all! We will be kicking up your portrait gallery with some “off the camera” shots of you during your shoot. The photojournalistic black and white photographer uses a long lens and further distance to capture you from a different angle than the main camera as a doting onlooker. Artist discretion will either wield these images to black and white timeless images or color portraits, ready for you and your family to see at your gallery view.

You will be leaving home soon! Please consider adding a family session the summer before you move out at a reduced rate of $100. The family dynamic quickly changes after your first year outside your home, so you will want to take the opportunity to capture this time for your family as well. Minimum purchase requirement does not change.

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