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Design & Installation

JH Portrait Art and Photography is proud to be a leading studio in making your home more beautiful with portraits from your session! I am the “Mantel Queen” in this area and if you plan on getting a canvas, collage, framed canvas print, or wall gallery above your mantel or anywhere in your home, I am happy to assist you with that process from start to finish. You already know I’ll come over to your home to do a planning and design session for your shoot. This step is crucial! Stylizing your session to meet your needs and your family’s personality helps you to be happier with the end result. I also ask further questions like “where do you plan to hang them?” It’s a practical question but many times I get the answer “I don’t know!” That’s perfectly alright! I help you choose a place when I come back for the gallery view or maybe you’ll take the time to think about it and plan something great. Well, what about SPECTACULAR? What if you could get help designing a space for your wall as well as accent your new wall candy with furniture and pieces you already own? Maybe it’s just a switch of furniture or maybe a different accent pillow or lamp, but wouldn’t it be great to have someone help you see the bigger picture? Is your husband a bit too busy? That’s ok, JHCC will hang your pieces for you! JHCC is proud to offer free space design and installation services for orders that include wall hangings to welcome your art as a beautiful and permanent part of your home. Just ask! These services are provided by two people with a lot of talent! In addition to being contracted and employed by JHCC, they also provide services to clients as independent business owners, so they can and will help you with more. Put them to work and let me introduce you!

tamiTami Montalvo
Design Consultant
Mohogany Bay Design
I grew up in a beautiful home. This is not because we had a ton of money but because my mom and dad had incredible taste and a keen sense for design. My parents would scour estate and garage sales looking for hidden treasures. I was fortunate to come along. They would restore, paint, reupholster furniture and accessories for our home. I learned a lot about what is possible with some thoughtful repurposing. Interior design became a passion! When I designed my first home, it was once again on a budget. We were a young couple with a baby on the way. I know what it is like to work with what you have and carefully plan for what you can do. I learned to thoughtfully select my pieces based on what I had to work with. In my professional life, I worked as a retail executive for over 20 years and on my business travels, I carved out time to find those unexpected items that would add so much character to my home. I found that design is in the details and that it is all about telling your story. I am excited by the opportunity to help you tell yours. My goal? Assist you in telling YOUR story. I will come along side you and work within your budget. A home should be vibrant, authentic and personal. We live, entertain, and rejuvenate in our homes. I look forward to serving you! Julizza and I are sisters in Christ and her work has blessed my home and my life.

RC72RC Calvo
Carpentry and Installation
Ranch Road Designs
My name is R.C. Calvo, my family and I live in Spring, TX and I am the carpenter, builder and designer around here. I’ve been hammering, fixing, and building for as long as I can remember. I grew up helping my dad and granddad with all the “fix its” and home maintenance around the house and was probably one of few kids that truly enjoyed it. My dad even allowed me to remodel a bathroom by myself when I was in junior high and when I was in high school, I did a lot of the maintenance to his office and commercial properties. My love for working with my hands continued throughout college when I invested in a gym and did a lot of the tear down and build out myself. Even though I still enjoy doing every day “fix its”, today I like to focus on constructing custom solid wood furniture as well as breathing new life into older pieces with either paint or stain. I especially enjoy building furniture or something useful from wood that’s been rescued from old buildings, old furniture, pallets or scrap piles.

JHCC is proud to promote these two talented business owners and bless them with work as well as the friendships of my beautiful clients! Please enjoy a part of their talent and services on me! 🙂

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