Session planning is customized and worry-free. Not sure how to dress? What colors to use? Where to go? Don’t worry! I make it my business to take care of those things for you and you’ll be pleased with the results. You can still be you; I’ll just bring out the best part of you.

Your custom portrait session is tailored toward these four things:
Your story
Your style
Your needs
Your likes

You’ll have a mix of photojournalistic images as well as portrait images.

Want some finer details? Read more below!.

How your session is customized
I like to gather details from you at a planning session about 1-3 weeks before your scheduled session. This meeting can be in person or over the phone. Unless you live far away, my preference is in person! In our meeting, we will talk about clothing, colors, style, needs, places on your walls for pictures, and lastly, location. Location is always the last thing I do because of the way creativity works in my head. If you have a preference on location beforehand, I take it into consideration first. I urge you and will remind you to text me pictures of your clothing before the shoot so that I can assure myself of location and props. Based on our conversation and any additional details of your story that you provide, I use my talent, vision, and knack for design to help you compose a perfect, uniquely customized portrait and an array of supporting images. The family portrait is “perfect” and comes first. After that picture and maybe a few variations, we let loose. During the gallery view, I help you make an order. I can help with decisions, crops, frames, placement, and sizing.

The day of the shoot
Everything will be great! I’ll get great shots-don’t stress!
In the days leading up to your shoot, I’ll send you a location by email or text. You can reach me by phone if you have questions the day of your session. Newborn sessions last between 2-4 hours, families and seniors last between 45 minutes and 1½ hours, and bridals last 1-2 hours. I don’t time sessions, but I am efficient and work hard. I’ve been shooting long enough to know how long people in general can take and I’ve developed an internal clock for knowing when we’re at the end 😉 Most sessions are in one location with the exception of some locations that have less than a ½ mile radius of potential. Shoots are very fun and friendly! I use my personality to help everyone feel as comfortable as possible. My goal is that you will always look back at the day with joy.

Here is a compilation of some of the things that I’ve heard from clients after their photo shoot. I wish I could just record all of the conversations after the fact because people really fill me up with compliments and it feels so good. I know I’m missing so many but here are a few!

“Oh I’m SO excited!!” ~Excited Mom
“I can’t WAIT to see them!” ~Positive Mom
“How did you do that??” ~Bewildered Mom
“You have a magic touch.” ~Grateful Mom
“You’re a baby whisperer!” ~Impressed Mom
“He’s really posing for you!” ~Surprised Mom
“That was fun!” ~child
“When can we take pictures again?” ~child
“Are we going to go take pictures again today?” ~child to mom the day after
“Why aren’t you in the pictures too?” ~sweet child to me while sitting in my lap at the gallery view (I felt like family)
“Are you busy at 2AM?” ~Newborn parents
“That was painless.” ~Coerced husband
“That wasn’t too bad!” ~’Had fun’ husband
“Well, I didn’t expect it to be that easy.” ~’Why did I fight’ husband

Husbands crack me up! When they say these things, it REALLY IS a compliment!

What kind of portraiture you can expect
Oftentimes I hear clients and photographers say they don’t like posed pictures and love a natural feel. Yes, natural is good! There’s a difference between a good “natural” and a bad “natural”. Good photographers have to “pose” or position you where the light is perfect, where your hair doesn’t blow in your face, where the image is balanced, where composition is optimal, and where they can see you. With that said, posing doesn’t have to be stuffy either! It can be fun! Once you’re in the perfect light, then you can be natural. However, let’s be honest…most people are not models! Most people don’t have a “natural” way in front of the camera. Many don’t know what to do at all! If I let a client stand where they wanted and said, “act like I’m not here” or “act natural”, the males turn their back and face their wife. HA! It’s true! I’ve seen it happen too many times. To avoid this, I will play games with your kids, tell a joke, or just laugh a lot. I help you relax and feel natural in front of my camera and it really helps that many times you will have already met me in the planning session. I’m not a stranger when we meet for your shoot. I will get amazing images with a mix of “looking at the camera” portraits as well as “capturing your relationships” styles. Go ahead and take a look at my portfolio and see. None of the people in my portfolio are professional models-not one! A seasoned photographer can tell when someone is nervous or uncomfortable and fixes it. I’ve never had a client tell me I posed them too much or didn’t pose them enough, but every single one has told me that they absolutely adored their images ☺

Suggested Timeline
2-10 weeks prior: Book your shoot
1-3 weeks prior: Plan the details over the phone or in your home
Day of session: Relax, smile, and have fun!
1-3 weeks after: Gallery view and ordering session with me
3-7 weeks after: Product delivery and/or pickup

The total amount of time from your shoot to receiving your products on average is about 3-5 weeks. I understand time can get away from us, but I do book up, so if you’re calling me about a session in the next few days, please check with me. With a full-time shooting schedule, there’s a chance we can still make it happen.

The Bottom Line
You will love your pictures. Your pictures will tell your story. You’ll have an incredible experience and your images will be the right colors-no yellow, blue, or green skin. The amount of heart in your pictures will surpass any other photography experience you can fathom, which is something that simply cannot be measured. This studio is different from the rest, I can guarantee that. Let’s write that priceless story! You’ll be glad you did! It’s the reason why you take pictures in the first place!

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