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Artist Projects

No charge, minimum purchase required.

Artist Project sessions are 100% completely creative. This session is a playground for individuals who want unique, one-of-a-kind images of their children or themselves, and are not afraid to relinquish control to the artist. This session surrounds the subject’s interests, character, or characteristics. Perhaps they enjoy a musical instrument, dance, or art and you would like to capture that for them as they develop their skills. Perhaps you simply want something timeless like the images of old. The artist will center their focus on the individual and call in extra people from your family according to her vision, if necessary. Nothing is for sure as art is part creation, in-the moment vision, sometimes luck, and only mostly planned. Photographer artist will choose color theme, dress and wardrobe (no set amount of changes), makeup artist directions if needed, props, and overall feel of the image. 100% of the time, the photographer artist will shoot for one vision and end up getting an incredible array of supporting images. For the effort involved, there is a $2000 minimum product purchase required (no session fee). Believe me, you’ll want a canvas or metal print for your wall! If you have ideas, please send it to The photographer is always looking for creative outlets and enjoys having new ideas and challenges to work with. You can also add a family session at a reduced rate of $100.

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