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Bunny + CJ {Cousins}

Well these two are a bundle of goodness, joy, and spontaneity all wrapped up with a silver bow of love. Just look at those faces!

Mrs. Lisa is a super sweet client with a heart of gold. I met her last year when she emailed me through my website looking to do a family portrait. I loved her first line to me, “Hi, I love your images and your mission.”

My mission. My mission to show Compassion for broken and mending people through my talent in photography and faith in God’s promises. It sprouted wings and has become a mission to help everyone that passes through my life and lens to feel valued. Valuable. Loved. Wished well. Blessed. Both sprang from the mission to show God’s wonders to the world. That’s just me.

Lisa and her family had an excellent session and they entered the VIP program 🙂

As members, they were able to participate in mini-sessions throughout the year. This image is from Easter of sweet CJ:

They play, run, and laugh together. They find humor in the little things. They find new adventures around every corner. She is a spirited, jumpy, contagious, camera-ready little girl. One of the most amazing little personalities I’ve ever seen and she compliments him gorgeously. He’s sweet, solid, even-tempered, and engaging. He loves without bounds and finds comfort and trust in his beautiful Mom.


As a brother and a sister grow up, they form a bond. They go through tough times and great times. They tease, they fight, they hug, they support. They grow. Love perseveres in that growth. As the years pass, they remember how they played and how they were as children as their lives move on from each other and they set out on their own. When those life changing events happen and when they have children of their own, something happens. They get to witness their own friendship over again in small subtle ways as their children play. Another bond is created and they can relive that innocent love once again. Sister had a boy. Brother had a girl. Bunny + CJ. Cousins

It is a happy talent to know how to play. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson


Please enjoy their slideshow.

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