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Nicole and Juan {Vow Renewal}

Sometimes we have no idea about the treasures we’ll find behind an email. I get emails from strangers so often and sometimes we get to work together and other times we never connect again. It’s just part of the business. But I loved this email from Nicole when I responded to her initial request about prices on a vow renewal. Really, it wasn’t about the prices mostly. It was a heart she had found. The images on my site gave her a sense of peace. That is awesome and I’m very happy about that, but it’s no wonder because I work for the Lord! They’re all His work in my eyes. I’ve needed that reminder lately and I’m just so glad to have clients in my life like Nicole and Juan to usher me back into focus. Her email was gorgeous:


I will start by saying you are the front runner in my choice for a photographer for this special day. As an amateur photographer with a deep appreciation for people with a passion and true God-given talent I am thanking God for leading me to your Facebook page! It was purely by chance, we had been in talks with two other photographers about our day and even though the price points were correct and their work was stellar, I did not have a peace or feel excited to work with them. I have learned through trial and error to know what “yes” feels like. So I continued looking, I searched Tomball Photographers and found you! through perusing your website I felt happy just looking at your site and all the gorgeous kids/wedding pictures. I was very thankful to get a response so soon from you.`
As I mentioned ours is a vow renewal, a celebration of the life we have created with each other, our families and now our two beautiful children. In March of 2009 we were engaged to the delight of our families! Two months later we`eloped and a month and a half after that we were pregnant with our son. Our families were much less delighted that September with the news of our marriage in May and an ultrasound picture. We were 20 and 22 madly in love and impatient! (VERY out of character for both of us, actually our families still can’t believe we did it!) Our son was a total surprise, we were still planning a wedding still when we found out. My mama always jokes that the Lord “outed” us with my son. So we took our savings and put a down payment on a home. While our families got over their disappointment and forgave us quickly, we felt the disappointment of not being adult enough to include them even if they wouldn’t have totally agreed.
We had one cell phone pic of us on the day and that got lost in a stolen laptop. Life moves fast and we never regretted choosing a home for our money. God knows best and we can’t imagine a life without our boy, our home, or each other. All in all it worked out better than we planned! Last September, heaven sent us a little girl and now here it is four years later and we have been putting away a small amount of money every year to have a small celebration for our family and perhaps most importantly to give our children pictures of their parents on their “wedding day”.

What an amazing start to a wonderful relationship! I enjoyed serving God, Nicole, and her family through this work. Enjoy her gallery!

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