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Giving Gown-This Week!

I am so excited that Giving Gown is this week! In preparation, I have to share one of my favorite stories. This sweet girl visited us in 2015 and I befriended her as I was walking around getting interviews with everyone I could get permission from. Upon asking her a little about her experience, she mentioned how she was actually only there to support her friends get *their* dresses, but soon found herself in the loving hands of a fairy godmother, somewhat sheepishly picking out her own. When she came out of her dressing room wearing this dress, everyone, especially her friends, gasped. She looked just BEAUTIFUL! She was too humble to do anything other than smile, and I could tell the attention was more than she was used to. I asked her how she felt and she said, “I feel pretty. I’ve never worn a dress before.” She was a tomboy and this was not her element so to speak, so her friends were so very pleased and surprised to see her dolled up! With all the encouragement she was receiving, she was happy she participated. That’s the part I love-showing them how beautiful they are on the outside, but being a witness to the beauty they possess inside as well! If you haven’t already, give The Giving Gown Foundation a “Like” and sign up to volunteer for this great organization! We need you!

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See you soon! Julizza

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