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STUNNING! Mrs. Texas United States 2017

Mrs. Texas United States 2017

Mrs. Texas United States 2017, Ann Marie Reigrut, graced my studio last week, and that is an understatement! She is such a joy to photograph, she has a mission to help girls realize their self worth, and she is beautiful most importantly on the inside, and then of course, on the outside as well! Her “why” for entering the pageant was so in line with the Beauty Within project that it certainly felt like a “God thing” that I was supposed to meet her when she was Mrs. Spring. Then there she goes-winning the Mrs. Texas United States pageant! WOW!! WAY TO GO, ANN MARIE!
My project seeks to empower and highlight all women who make a difference at home and in the community. See Ann Marie’s “Why” below on the link provided! I’ll let her tell you herself 💜
Ann Marie plans to use this image for her Project Purple Phoenix and will have it painted by me for a 30″ mixed media portrait to hang in her office for her organization and to pass on to her daughter one day. I cannot wait to get this image painted-it will be timeless and phenomenal! If you are interested in getting your own portrait made, please email me at

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