Reflections 2016 by Julizza

It’s been a long time that I’ve written to you, and this letter comes with a heart full of reflections, thankfulness, and humility for what you have done for me. My clients have been the beauty in my days, and have kept me en route to what I feel is my ultimate purpose in life-to love others and to highlight the value that each person that comes across my life has to this world and to God. I have a passion for this that sleeps deep inside me and now and again it gets awoken through my journey. This passion is fueled and inspired by the stories of the people I meet. Joyful or sad, that doesn’t actually matter. In the hearts of the people I meet are the most wonderful stories. Their livelihood connects to mine, and in them is where I find so much beauty.

Through prayer, God has revealed to me that the craving I possess to help people know their own value and worth is because it is what I struggle with the most in my own life. My camera is the best tool I have to show everyone this beautiful thing, and I fully intend to use it as long as I possibly can. No matter what my demons may tell me in my own life, no matter how much they may scream at me through everything they can find that I am not worth it to others or to this world, I always know that I can find that isn’t true through what I have been able to accomplish and be blessed with through this work. In this work, I get to minister and hear stories of those that are hurting. In this work, I get to see what makes happy people even happier. In this work, I get to reveal the heart of the people I laugh with. In this work, I get to escape myself and dive into the lives of a family or person, and innocently witness their beauty. Something beautiful happens when that camera is pointed in their direction. The lens truly takes away the actions, background, mistakes, accomplishments, and history of the human for me, and what is left is their heart and the beautiful beings they are to the huge God I serve. I can’t help it, but my light shines through this work and I can no longer imagine my life without it. Truly, this work is what gives me worth when no one or nothing else on this earth but God does. God has shown me a way to be important to the world, and for that, I am eternally grateful.

Thank you, 2016 clients, for the ways in which you trusted me and loved me, the way you smiled at me and connected with me. It has been a tremendous pleasure for me, more than you may ever realize, and this ship is not stopping. I can’t wait to see where my voyage takes me in 2017, and I’m making God the Captain of it. He will make sure the waters we travel are where I’m supposed to go and what I’m meant to see. With Him, there’s no telling what will be discovered. Many prayers to everyone for a wonderfully Merry Christmas celebrating the birth of God on earth, God with us, Immanuel, Jesus, who taught me how to love without ceasing. Blessings & Happy New Year 2017!


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